Consign With Us

Furniture & Home Accessories

Love it Again Home Decor & More previews each item and selects the highest quality pre-owned furniture and accessories. Furniture must be stylish, in good condition, clean and in an acceptable style to our purchasers. Love it Again reserves the right to reject any item. Our goal is to provide the finest in pre-owned home furnishings and accessories for our customers. We will only accept items that we believe will sell quickly. Consignors may bring their items or a photo of them directly to the store. You may also email a photo to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A consignment period is 75 days.


Love it Again will price your merchandise to provide you fair market value, while also offering value to our customers. If you have a specific price you are wanting to get you will need to discuss this when you bring the item in. We do not guarantee any price. The item is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

Your consigned items are displayed and offered for sale at fair market pricing determined by Love it Again.

Merchandise that has not sold within the first 30 days will be reduced.

The consignor may withdraw items at any time before the 75-day consignment period has elapsed, but a withdrawal fee is charged for this. The consignor will pay a fee equal to 25% of the original selling price of the reclaimed item(s), due at the time of item removal from the store.


At Love it Again, our consignors receive 50% of the selling price of an item. Consignor checks are run in a batch on the 20th of each month. In the event that any merchandise has not sold during the 75-day period, consignor can either pick up the item(s) or tell us to donate them. If the merchandise is not picked up by the expiration date, Love it Again will donate the item(s), in the consignor’s behalf, to the charity of the store’s choice.