Consign Furniture and Home Decor

Q: What is consignment?
A: Consignment is handing over your gently loved item to another (in this case, Love it Again Home Decor & More) to be sold to a third party. You retain ownership of the item until it is sold in which case you can collect an agreed upon percentage of the selling price. It’s a wonderful way to clear up some space in your home while earning extra money!


Q: What types of items are we looking for?
A: Primarily furniture and home decor. We stock quality items that are new or gently loved. Antique, contemporary, funky and eclectic pieces are very welcome here as long as they are clean or washed and do not have noticeable tears or defacing. Please take care to prepare your item(s) for sale! If you are uncertain whether we would accept an item, please feel free to email pictures. We would be more than happy to inspect them for sale!


Q: What if I have a large item?
A: If you have a large item, such as a piece of furniture, that you would like to consign but are uncertain if it would be a good fit for the store, send us a picture! You can email us clear pictures of your items at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: What if my item isn’t sold? Will I get it back?
A: You own the item until it is sold. If the item is not sold within 75 days and you do not want the item back we will donate it to Teen Challenge of Orlando.